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Based in New South Wales, Australia, ALL THAT REMAINS is a small-batch producer of once-off and limited-edition items. Each piece is hand crafted by ateliers in Indonesia and India who are paid fair wages for their work. Designer and owner Leah uses the label as a platform to share her message of kindness & love. The ATR message is extended through collaborations in photography and film with like-minded women. ATR takes a quiet approach to fashion, celebrating the individual, the timeless and the slow.

One of our most popular labels, ARTHUR APPAREL eschews trends in favour of longevity and versatility. Founded in 2016 by Olivia Gow in New South Wales, Australia, this label consists of hard-wearing, timeless silhouettes that cover work and play and blend seamlessly across seasons.  Collections usually feature jumpsuits, culottes and oversize shirts made from quality cottons and linens. AA is constructed in Indonesia by workers who are paid a fair wage. 

ASH WHITE LABEL is born from the desire to support artisans in developing countries. Australian designer Ashleigh works closely with makers in India to bring her beautifully tailored designs to life. The result is a considered collection of versatile pieces made with attention to every detail. We're think you're going to love it!

Originally known for their mens' line, ASSEMBLY LABEL founders Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver are all about uncomplicated living at an accessible price point. Based in Sydney, Australia, their clean aesthetic is inspired by coastal living. Neutral palettes team with easy-wearing shapes to create a year-round wardrobe built on tee shirts and pants with seasonal injections of knitwear and swimwear. Al is made in China. Our customers love it for its good quality fabrics and that accessible price point. 

BELLA DAHL is one of our best selling labels. Known for its ultra-soft fabrics, BD makes a wide range of everyday pieces including pantsuits and dresses, but at the centre of every collection is the button down shirt. In recent years they've expanded their plain colours to include plaids, stripes and other simple prints. The secret to their success lies in the drape and feel of their fabric. Their denim is so soft, they've trademarked it. Called Tencera™, it's a type of super soft tencel® made from sustainably harvested wood pulp. Tencera™ is biodegradable and uses a non-toxic solvent that is recycled during the production process. The fibres are very soft, absorbent, durable and wrinkle-resistant. BD fabrics are handdyed and hand washed to create that worn-in look like all your old favourites. Most BD is made in Los Angeles, USA. For these reasons, it's often presented as an ethically-made and sustainable fashion option.

Recently, BD has begun to construct a small number of products in China from their own fabric. We try to avoid these items as we feel our customers prefer the original integrity behind the label. However, on occasion they may end up in our collection. We always identify in the product description where a BD item is made so you can make your own informed decision. We hope you'll try this label. We know from our customers (and our own empirical research :))  that there's no going back once you have. 

One of the best tee shirt labels we've come across, BON LABEL excel in fit and quality. Made ethically in Australia, BL choose sustainable options at every level of production using GOTS* certified organic cotton and waterbed dyeing processes. They make a range of products but it's their tees we go for and they've been given the seal of approval by our customers. 

* The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an indicator of sustainable production. 


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, ELKA COLLECTIVE mixes honest fabrics with feminine tailoring to create timeless versions of current trends. They release both seasonal collections and a premium basics range which we stock all year round. We appreciate the consistency of this label in sizing, value and quality. This consistency translates across all their collections, making it a  good option for online purchases and for seasonal updates in a fresh new colour or shape. Our customers love Elka - it's one of our best sellers and will have a place in our collection as long as it continues to deliver.   

Handknitted from 100% natural fibres including cotton and merino wool, FIRST BORN KNITS will keep you cosy for many a season. FBK is designed in Australia and made by artisans in Argentina who are paid fairly for their skills. As Karolina, FBK designer and founder says, 'we use a production process that's low in energy and high in human touch’. FBK have amassed quite a following at Staple Store and our limited collections tend to sell out quickly. 

Project runner Jessica Blume runs her concise and eloquent JUME collection out of Byron Bay. Jessica chooses to exercise a plant dyeing process upon all of her sustainable fabric bases, meaning that she can only create small batches, making each and every product rare and incomparable. Each piece has been composed with Jessica’s summer memories of sunshine and enjoyable moments in mind. JUME products are stocked with us at Staple Store and one other stockist, we feel incredibly honoured to hold JUME with us.

Starting from the opening of a small store in West Philadelphia in the 1970’s FREE PEOPLE continues today to promote freedom and spirit among women of all ages. The brand aim to celebrate the way that we choose to express ourselves and design clothing that will allow us to make that expression in whichever way we see fit.

US label MACHETE uses natural and renewable cellulose acetate to create their line of statement jewellery. Cellulose acetate is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based material. It's made by extracting cellulose fibres from cotton and wood pulp to create a transparent paste. This paste can then be coloured, processed, and moulded for a variety of industrial applications. It's cut from a large block into thin sheets, and then cut again into smaller rectangular blocks. Designer and founder Jessica Matchett sources most of the acetate used by Machete from Italy.

Earring posts are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel.


Each un-compromised product by MADE IN MADA is priced according to the number of days taken for the craftswoman to hand crochet or weave it using the natural and sustainable fibres of a raffia tree. The company has built its ethos around the want to celebrate the incredible talent of the Madagascan women. Providing them with a sustainable income, and maintaining a good and honest relationship with a county that the founders of Made in Mada have a great affinity with.

REIKO operate 100% cotton use wherever possible within each piece of their collections. Their beautifully tailored jeans, trousers and jumpsuits focus on tailoring and somewhat unique shapes, giving them an edge to their designs.


THE LINE OF SUN began by founder Alice Tsakirakis experimenting with the art of jewellery making by carving wax shapes and casting precious metals into the moulded shapes, this developed into the generation of The Line Of Sun. Alice hand makes each and every piece of their jewellery, making each individual. She believes in ‘celebrating beautiful imperfections’; these imperfections give every piece their own story, steering clear of the clinical mass producing system, she loves the unpredictability.

TRAVEL AND LIVING COLLECTION founded by Scandinavian born Australian citizen Christin Svard, has demonstrated how a product such as a bag can be functional and affordable yet still luxurious. Each accessory has been built around Christin’s love for exploration across the world, created for likeminded women who want to explore. Almost all of the bag linings have been hand drawn, aiming to enhance each customers experience of the bag, each use of the product should be appreciated and enjoyed. Products are designed in Australia and hand constructed by artisans.

Designed and handmade in Fremantle WINTERWARES is a ceramics studio underpinned by the slowing down of day to day life, taking time to consider our actions and activities. Love and great intention goes into each and every hand moulded piece in the Winterwares creative studio, no two pieces will ever be the same