Meghan Plowman.

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Can you please tell us a little bit about your background & how you came to be doing what you're doing? 

I've been working in the creative industry for 13 years, with my first job as a graphic designer. I studied graphic design, minoring in photography and in hindsight should've known I would end up in the world of image making and aesthetics. As a young undergraduate I wasn't always sure of graphic design and found myself wandering the walls of my design building lost in the architecture and product design displays as well as photography journals in the library between classes. So the lesson is to always trust your gut as it's usually right!

When I realised I loved creating images, in art direction, styling and photography, my greatest challenge was where to find the kind of work I wanted to do in Perth. Five years ago there weren't too many people working freelance at the time and most of those that had any experience were in fashion. However, I built relationships with them and as many people in the freelance creative world as I could (locally and overseas) to gain knowledge of their established industries, approaches and realities of the work to see if it was for me. I won a styling internship writing for a U.K. design blog for two years sharing trends and realised quickly that I was onto something that I enjoyed and was natural at. Doing this as well as taking whatever freelance styling jobs came my way with the local newspapers and international magazines paved the way for me and my journey had begun.

It wasn't until I ventured out into the world of interiors that my eyes were opened to this whole image creating scene which suited me perfectly. It's been a non-linear journey for me to find the things I love to do and am still discovering areas of this job and the associated roles that make me come alive.

What does living well mean to you? Where do you find it? What matters?

Reflecting on my journey it has generally looked busy, yet balanced, and I think that's been the key to my happiness and well being. It has always involved a mix of head, heart and body activities that I enjoy, and when I'm out of whack usually one of those things is! 

Being married to the greenest thumb I know has helped me appreciate the earth even more than I already do, in producing and eating our own food where we can. It's impossible not to feel amazing and connected to the earth in the most natural of ways when we enjoy what we grow. I'm a real foodie too and eating well and as naturally as possible is a real priority. When you fuel yourself with the best you run better! It can be a challenge and take time but I feel great and like knowing I'm eating real food. 

When it comes to materials I also prefer as natural as possible in cottons, linens, leather, timbers, metal and wool - not always doable though. It doesn't have to be brand new either, just real - the way "they used to make it"! We are quite conscious of what and where we buy things - if we can make/reuse/rescue or salvage it then even better. I tend to have a minimal aesthetic sans prints and busyness - I get enough of that with my work and like my personal spaces to be calm. I can be quite patient when it comes to designing and decorating home, it sort of happens and builds as time goes on and we slowly collect. 

When I'm living well, my relationships are well. I love making time for people in my life and as it goes on, I see that people and hearts are really the most important things to nurture and connect with in this life.

I come from a very close knit family and we have a unique bond that I hold dearest out of anything. They have been a barrier-free source of openness, honesty, teaching, progressive faith, affirmation and a great sense of humour that keeps my heart challenged and happy. They matter most and keep me sane on what can be an isolated and demanding professional journey. 

Having acted upon a couple of dreams of mine in this creative journey has been an important step and a habit I intend on keeping up. By allowing myself to dream big things and act on them, I continue to grow and connect with the kinds of people and work I'd love to be doing. The day to day projects continue but having my eyes set on where and how I'd like to develop keeps me inspired, learning new things and fresh minded.

When these things are in balance, I feel I am living well and offering my best self to this world.


Thankyou Meghan!

Meghan wears our Rollie Nation Derby Shoes. Photographs by Aimee Jones @aimeejonesphoto

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