1. We want you to be kind to you.

We're not here to highlight what you're not. We're interested in who you are and how we can make your life simpler.


2. We know our clothes.

We've had 7 years owning & managing fashion boutiques & we've brought only the most loved labels to Staple Store so you can't go wrong, whatever you choose.

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3. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The best wardrobes are built from pieces that work well together. We're interested in what you already have & how a new piece will add value to your existing collection.


4. It shouldn't have to be so hard...

...and it isn't. Shop in store, online, or be an unshopper. We've done the research on our clothes so we know they'll serve you well.


5. Less, naturally.

We're not about more, nor are we about less. We're about what's right for you. However, you'll probably end up buying less because our staples will take you everywhere, they'll go with everything & they'll last.


6. We have our own ethics.

Some of our clothes are certified ethical. Others aren't. We'd never knowingly work with a company that treated their makers poorly or disregarded the environment but the path to ethical certification is complex. If we only stocked ethically certified labels you'd miss out on people doing all sorts of awesome. Like start ups who aren't yet in a position to be certified. We'll always tell you what we know about our staples so you can make an informed decision. 


7. We don't like waste.

An unworn item is a waste. We want you to wear our clothes until they're worn out. If it's not going to add value to your life, we won't be encouraging you to buy it. SIMPLE!